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Golden continues to be the leader in consumer power chair innovation. With the Alanté DX and the new Alanté Sport power wheelchairs from Golden Technologies, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for a good value. Enjoy stability, control, comfort and dependability in a model that will turn heads. If you are searching for a small, inexpensive, lightweight power wheelchair that is also fun to drive and stylish, look no further than the LiteRider PTC!

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The most advanced scooters available today! These models have more standard features than any other scooter to improve comfort hour after hour. Adjustable LED headlight to illuminate your path on the darkest of evenings.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the all-new LiteRider™ scooter — a full-size scooter with all the benefits of a compact, portable scooter! The LiteRider can be quickly and wirelessly disassembled for transport or storage.

Offering tight indoor maneuverability and smooth outdoor performance, Golden’s popular compact Buzzaround Lite scooter was made for you. Its “Pop! Pull! Push!” wireless disassembly makes transporting easy.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Mobility Pro takes all the worry out of purchasing a scooter. Hop aboard one of Golden Technologies’ 

lines of scooters, and discover a newfound sense of freedom. One of their models will give you the right combination of size, weight, portability and accessories. All provide the industry’s highest levels of stability, dependability, performance and comfort.

Golden Technologies’ skilled designers blend the most technically advanced components with superior designs to provide you with the utmost in quality, comfort, style and performance. Mobility Pro confidently stands behind all our products and provide you with the best warranties in the industry. 


Superior stability, maneuverability, functionality and dependability — you can have it all with the Golden Compass™ Series. Each of the Compass models is built right from the ground up, with true center-wheel drive and a patented springless articulating chassis. This unique suspension system keeps all six wheels on the ground simultaneously, keeping you in total control at all times — including climbing curbs and thresholds, as well as mounting and dismounting. 

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Before Golden Technologies entered the power chair market, they met with physical and occupational therapists. The Compass line is the result of their answers and our expertise — as well as our commitment to help you enjoy life to the fullest, in comfort and in style.  You get Golden’s high standard of quality and reliability — at a price you can live with.

Golden Technologies' expert designers blend the most technologically advanced components with superior designs to provide you with the utmost in quality, comfort and style. Choose the power wheelchair that all others are measured against... choose Mobility Pro to select the perfect model for you!