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The Old “Get Up ‘n Go”…Redefined

Vertical Platform Lifts installed by Mobility Pro delivers the most simple and direct solution for conquering the “deck divide.” Smoothly and effortlessly moving straight up and down, from patio to porch, driveway to entryway, backyard to deck, even floor to floor, a Bruno VPL links your inside life with your outside life…seamlessly, efficiently and up to 14’ in height!

Commercial VPLs are often found in churches, schools and offices, where a couple of steps up to a stage or podium could present real problems for many folks.

Our Vertical Platform Lifts are strong and durable, with an array of safety features. Quality craftsmanship and performance integrity mark the Bruno VPL as a worthy member of our residential and commercial accessibility offerings.

Platform Lifts

Mobility Pro's statewide installation of Residential Stairlifts allows you to reclaim access to your entire home with products that exude elegance, style and dignity. 

Battery power provides uninterrupted operation even during a power outage. 

Mobility Pro has straight and curved stairlift models featuring up to a 400 lb weight capacity, and our custom curved stairlifts offer the tightest radius for inside curves in the industry. 

Indoor and Outdoor Straight Rail and Curved Rail Stairlifts




No more lugging items up flights of stairs. With installation by Mobility Pro, the Ascent offers superb performance for years to come. No wonder we can guarantee it with the best warranty in the business. 

If you’re like a lot of people with reduced mobility, you were sorry to see your beloved and car go when you couldn’t make the transfer any more. But with the Multi-Lift, cars are back!  The Multi-Lift fits in every car on the market!



Vehicle Lifts

Not just about remembering or imagining...but being there! Church, the shopping mall, a concert. Being there is what life is all about. Your personal mobility device is a godsend, but getting it there is the challenge.

Over twenty-five years ago Bruno literally created the vehicle lift market. The concept that a wheelchair or scooter, let alone a four hundred pound power wheelchair, could be lifted and stowed into a vehicle was revolutionary! Today Bruno remains the world leader in vehicle lifts for the mobility marketplace. Over twenty different products to lift and stow your scooter, powerchair or manual folding wheelchair have been designed to interact with hundreds of vehicle types. 

So, today the old “Get Up ‘n Go” has a new meaning!

You have a full life. Different than you planned? Perhaps. But, you refuse to be defined by how you get there. Mobility Pro is committed to your personal independence, and our award-winning, innovative vehicle lifts can be the crucial, wonderful link between here and there.

North America's # 1 Manufacturer

of hand controls and driving aids for the disabled.



Erasing Barriers…

the Platform Lift Solution

Easy access in and out of your pool. Several styles to choose from and easy installation from Mobility Pro. Durable lift frames are powder-coated to create a smooth layer of color for a long-lasting finish.

An Incline Platform Lift works wherever a stairway lift doesn’t. With installation by Mobility Pro, it can fit a user’s accessibility needs when a vertical platform lift isn’t appropriate for residential use.

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